Dry Body Brushing And Awesome Benefits

Body care is our prime concern. But have you ever heard about body brushing for skin care? If you haven’t this article is for you!

What Is Dry Body Brushing

Before getting on to the benefits of body brushing. Let us first understand it in detail. Simply, all you need to do is take a recommended brush and start brushing your body from feet and legs. And then moving upwards towards the heart. Also, when you start with the hands, you need to begin with hands than arms and then neck. The strokes must be firm, small and in perfect circular motion.

skin dry brushing
skin dry brushing

 Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

Now, let us have a look in detail at the benefits of this type of brushing of the body.

  1. This increases the circulation of the blood to the skin. Because in case there is less circulation in the skin, this will lead to cellulite. It is actually a very dangerous chemical which is accumulated in the body’s fat cells.
  2. Another benefit of this dried body brushing is that it will help in the removal of dead cells. And because of that, it will reveal a shiner and brighter skin.
  3. It also helps inappropriate body blood circulation and drainage of the lymphatic cells. Through this, the waste will be removed and effective metabolism occurs.
  4. Furthermore, it will help in the opening of the skin pores. And through this, there will a better absorption mechanism of the nutrients.
  5. As we have mentioned above, the dry brushing technique will help in the proper distribution of fat in your body.
  6. Also, one of the most amazing benefits is that it will help in the metabolism of the nervous system. How is this possible? This is possible because there are nerve endings in the skin. And yes, you will get relaxed with this technique.

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